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We help our clients to grow and prosper by providing the most competent and comprehensive accounting, consulting, and business planning services available.

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We believe that our clients’ financial and business decisions should be based on clear, accurate business and accounting information. We provide a realistic picture to aid clients in making the right decisions to achieve their goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I keep my taxpapers?

At least three years, but six years is preferable. The IRS has three years after you file a tax return to complete an audit. The IRS can audit you for up to six years if it suspects that you underreported your income by 25% or more. If the IRS suspects fraud, there is no time limit for an audit, although audits beyond six years are extremely rare. Keep records of purchases of real estate, stocks, and other investments for at least three years after the tax return reporting their sale was filed.

How long should I worry if I haven’t filed tax returns that I should have filed?

At least six years. The government has six years from the date the nonfiled return was due to criminally charge you with failing to file. There is no time limit, however, for assessing civil penalties for not filing. If you didn’t file for 1958, you still have an obligation if you owed taxes for that year. Not until you actually file a return does the normal audit time limit-three years-and collection time limit-ten years-start to run.

Don’t over worry about a nonfiled return due more than six years ago if you haven’t heard from the IRS. The IRS usually doesn’t go after nonfilers after six years—unless the IRS began its investigation before the six years elapsed. After six years, the IRS transfers its computer files to tape for storage.

What should I do if I don’t get my refund?

If you filed your tax return and it’s been eight weeks, call the IRS tax refund hotline at 800-829-4477, Monday–Friday, 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Or, call the 24-hour assistance number at 800-829-1040 and request assistance from the taxpayer advocate.

If you filed your return on or before April 15 and don’t receive your refund until after May 31, the IRS must pay you interest.

If you never get a refund, it may have been intercepted to pay other state or federal taxes you owe; a defaulted student, SBA, or other federal government loan; delinquent child support; or a public benefit, such as HUD, VA, or Social Security overpayment. In these situations, you are supposed to be notified in writing, but don’t count on it.

Who has access to my IRS file?

Federal law makes IRS files private, not public records. The law has many exceptions, however. IRS files can be legally shared with other federal and state agencies. Most leakage comes as a result of sloppy state agencies that are granted access to IRS files. Furthermore, IRS employees have been caught snooping, and computer hackers have broken into government databases. While violation of the Privacy Act is a crime, rarely is anyone prosecuted for it, though IRS personnel can be fired if caught.

If I can’t pay my taxes, should I file my return anyway?

Yes. Filing saves you from the possibility of being criminally charged or, more likely, from being hit with a fine for failing to file or for filing late. Interest continues to build up until you pay. Of course, filing without paying will bring the IRS collector into your life, but she’ll be friendlier if she doesn’t have to hunt you down. The sooner you start filing, the better.

Should I notify the IRS when I move?

Yes, unless you think you can hide from a tax bill. The IRS moves slower than you do, so I suppose it’s possible if you are constantly on the move. Otherwise, report your new address on IRS Form 8822. A post office change of address form may not work. Notifying the IRS assures that you will get audit letters and other vital notices, which often have strict time limits for replies.

Case Studies

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When we started working with Tellis and Company our annual reporting was years behind. Once Tellis and Company accepted us as a client within one year, they perform three years of back audits.


Thanks to them now we have annual reporting to the internal audit committee and we can make sound decisions surrounding the organization.

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Non-Profits &
Small Businesses

Tellis and Company helped us as the outsourced CFO. They helped streamline our compliance reporting requirements.

We helped our client increase profitability, scalability, and continued growth.


  • Reporting on a regular basis giving the owner peace of mind.
  • Tracking Revenue streams, better visibility to make informed decisions.
  • Eliminated year-end crunch/backlogs
  • Produced accurate annual tax returns.
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Election Tracking

Tellis and Company helped reorganize our accounting infrastructure to accurately report the campaign financial results to the Federal and State of Michigan in order to stay in compliance with their regulations.      


  • Successfully tracking donations and expenses for each election and individual candidate
  • Successfully report annual activities to the Internal Revenue Services
  • Successfully able to track inter-company transactions.

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Tellis & Company?

Our mission is, and always has been, to provide the most competent and comprehensive accounting, consulting, business, and tax-planning service available.

Anita Tellis, CPA, MST

Our Team

Meet the team behind Tellis and Company, CPA.

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